CAFÉ Fellows Program

Since its inception, The CAFE Group has worked to recognize and amplify the unique talents and skills of Black and Latinx education leaders throughout the Chicagoland Area.

With 83% of students identifying as either Black or Latinx in the communities they serve, the CAFE Group aims to accelerate the careers of the CAFE Fellows by providing necessary supports to ensure greater effectiveness, long-term success, and significant impact.

The CAFE Fellows Program is a multi-year engagement dedicated to advancing equity through the financial support and professional development of innovative non-profit leaders of color and the education non-profits they lead.

The program is designed, first and foremost, to connect Black and Latinx education leaders to the resources and social networks they need to thrive throughout the Chicagoland Area.

Further, the program seeks to impact the lives of students and the overall education ecosystem in which these leaders are working.


Professional Development: CAFE Fellows will engage with a highly curated curriculum designed  especially for The CAFÉ Fellows. Subject areas include data- driven marketing, strategic HR management, Board development and optimization, etc.

Access to Capital: Organizations led by each fellow will receive $25,000/year in unrestricted funds for two years. Fellows will also have access to $10,000 in grant funds to satisfy the financial requirement of one non-profit board for two years.

Social Capital Development: CAFE Fellows will gain access to key corporate, civic, and other non-profit leaders that are deeply rooted in the Chicago landscape through a series of curated Douglass Dinners. Fellows will also be sponsored for 2 years on a non-profit Board of Directors to further expand their social capital networks and overall development.

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